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All of our online content is created by professionals, based on award winning books.
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We have collected the past from our course creators for over 15 years. 
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For everyone that loves entrepreneurship..

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What is BIzEBunch?

BizEBunch provides entrepreneurship, business and finance lessons to teens ages 9 to 17 (Grades 3 to 12) using the teaching concept of Read, Learn, Do™.

Unique Learning Paths

 BizEBunch offers a series of fun-filled and education-based online workshops, simulations, books, activities and games that will help kids’ family, life and business. 

Teaching Model

The hands-on-books and workshops provides the learner an easy-to-understand review of some of the most vital business functions required to succeed for any small business.

Chat with Instructors

Enhance the learning experience by submitting questions to the course instructors. 

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What our learners say

This is the best learning platform I found so far for my teen son. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities and classes.
Walter - Long Island
This is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.
Nick Jones
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